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Glow Plugs And Reverse Light

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Problems could be connected but I doubt it, they would be entirely seperate circuits.

The reverse lights could be the reverse switch on the gearbox rather than the lights, or its something as simple as two dead bulbs.

With the glow plugs, it could be that one plug is not powering, or it could be the harness thats affected.

What are the symptoms?

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Hi like I said the reverse light bulb and fuse are good so I was guessing it was the switch but at the same time I noticed the glow plugs were not working, I connected a test lamp on the plugs and earth but there was no current to the light and that was why I was wondering if there was a connection between the two but I guess it's just a coincidence that the problems came up around the same time

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If there is something "wrong" in the engine bay (perhaps something that has damaged the reverse switch, it may have affected the glow plugs also (for example, water ingress given the wonderful weather we recently had!)

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