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Cleaning Fusion Throttle Body

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Normal idle 800rpm but when push cas pedal carefully next step is 1400 rpm.

i`m going to clean throttle body and plate.
how open ford electric throttle plate, ( ingnition on and push cas pedal not working)
Ford dealer have no new casket, so i need to clean it with out removing it.

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Hi ya,

Very straight forward.... remove the jubilee clip securing air cleaner outlet hose to the throttle body (See pic). Spray a little carb cleaner on to the butterfly and let it soak in for a couple of minutes. Clean with a lint-free rag. Open the butterfly manually and get your fingers in behind the back of the butterfly with a rag on your fingers....... that's how I'd do it in situ but best thing is to remove it and work with it on the bench. If it's a rubber gasket (not sure) then those can be reused many times in my experience. And to be honest I've never replaced a TB gasket iirc lol

Ps, the MAP sensor lives right next door to the throttle body......remove that and give it a good soaking with electrical contact cleaner :)


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Ps, just to add... when I removed my MAP sensor for a clean it didn't want to come out at all. Don't worry about putting on a bit of pressure to get it out..... it's only a small 'o' ring you've got to overcome :)

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Thanks :) ..do you know what is throttle body bolt torque Nm?

Maybe i remove throttle body and clean it. i have Liqui Moly special cleaner for that.

That casket is expensive 29€ here in Finland ( everyting related cars is very expensive here :( )

but maybe it is better to order new one, if origal breaks or something.

i hope that i get body out between those inlet pipes.

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There is no torque setting for it in the manual..... do them up ''secure'' ;)

I personally wouldn't replace the gasket; looking at the photos it appears to be rubber. I've used rubber gaskets again and again with no issue. However the quote/unquote ''correct procedure'' is to replace the gasket ;)

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Just cleaned throttle body, and check inside black cover.
All gears look o.k and sensors surface looks good ( no carbon dust at all)
I did not put grease on gears. 100 000km and gears looks like new.
But symptoms are same, nothing change. :blink:
There was litle valve touch mark on throat (in picture).

Maybe it is accelerator pedal and yes... new pedal needs programming
i hate these fly by wire things :ph34r:

here is few photos



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I visited to Ford Dealer
They plug my Fusion on to the computer, nothing problem found on accelerator pedal or throttle body.
Then they tryed to update PCM program with nevest factory-updated software, but it refuse to install.
They Asked me to wait for newer update ( That is not yet published in )

Did anybody have similar Experience, with updating.

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