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2012 Smax Side Lamps

Big Red

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Hello All,

My 2012 Titanium Smax has been off the road for the last two months, following a crash (not my fault) just after the new year. I eventualy got the car back today, but have noticed that neither side light works.

The coachwork place told me that the car does not have side lamps, instead it just dim's the DRL's, they backed this up by showing me that there is only a dim dip bulb, main beam, and indicator in each head lamp. As mentioned before, I havent seen the car for the last two months and I now can not remember if it did have side lamps or not!

So if any of you also have a 2012 Smax with the led DRL's, could you let me know what happens when you turn on the side lamps please? Does it just dim the DRL's, or does another bulb light up as well?

I know its bit of a stupid question, but thought I woulkd ask other Smax owners before I ask a main dealer to check it, or going back to the repair place without any proof!

Many thanks

Big Red

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