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Problems With Programming A New Transponder Key


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I have recently purchased a 2010 Fiesta Zetec. It came with two keys, one of which is the three-button remote variety and the other is the basic no-button variety. As far as I am aware they are the original keys that came with the car when it was first sold.

I have a spare three-button flip style key from my old 2006 Focus Sport and was hoping to be able to use this with the Fiesta, so I ordered a blank blade off the Internet and have had this cut to fit the Fiesta.

I have researched online and the common method I found for programming a new transponder key with two already programmed keys is as follows:

  1. Insert the first already programmed key into the ignition, turn it to position II and wait for the warning light to go out
  2. Turn back to 0 and remove the key
  3. Insert the second already programmed key into the ignition, turn it to position II and wait for the warning light to go out
  4. Turn back to 0 and remove the key
  5. Key programming mode is now activated and you have ten seconds to:
  6. Insert the new unprogrammed key into the ignition, turn it to position II and wait for the warning light to go out
  7. Turn back to 0 and remove the key
  8. Allow 10 seconds to pass for the system to exit programming mode.

I have tried this a few times but with no success. When I get to step 6 and turn the unprogrammed key to II the warning light just flashes rapidly and does not go out. It doesn't appear to be recognising the transponder chip in the key for some reason.

Does anyone know what could be causing this? Does my 2010 Fiesta use the same type of transponder chip as my old 2006 Focus?

I have also tried to just swap the transponder chips as a simple solution, but the one in the remote key that came with the Fiesta doesn't want to budge. I've tried to remove it somewhat gently with a pair of pliers but I'm concerned that I'll damage it.

Any help or advice will be gratefully received!

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The ability to self programme keys was discontinued on cars built after 2004.

You need someone with an IDS interface to add keys via the data (OBD) port which will take about 5 minutes tops.

Ring around a few local Auto Locksmiths for quotes.

As the key is already cut to match the locks you'll save a few quid, so expect prices around the £40 mark.


They will refuse to use your key and charge you stupid amounts plus insisting on a pointless diagnostic on top.

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Thanks for the advice! I should have known it wasn't going to be that simple. As it happens I do know of an auto electrician as my old Focus only came with one key and so rather than paying Ford £150 (by recollection) for an another, I ordered two pre-cut keys off the Internet with transponder chips and then got them programmed for £50. I did have to order the 433mhz remotes from China, as at the time I couldn't source them in the UK, but all in all it cost me £120 for two flip-style keys. Two for less than the price that Ford wanted for one!

Ford also quoted me £180 to fix the bonnet lock on my Focus (£100 labour plus £80 parts) but a local mechanic fixed it for £20 labour with no parts needed.

So as you can tell I'm not in a hurry to let Ford part me with substantial amounts of my hard earned cash, lol!

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I was short on time once and sent my car in for it's FIRST service which as you know is basically just an oil change and maybe filters, nearly £200 that cost and two weeks later saw oil dripping on the drive on investigating found the oil filter was coming loose and oil spewing down the side.....

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recently I did the programming for a new key on a 2008 focus using a good ELM327 fault code reader in the OBD port (less than £20) and free Forscan software on a windows laptop. also needed the Free 'extended licence' for doing the key.

I do not know if 2010 fiesta would work the same way.

the transponder chips vary by different model / year eg. 4d60 and 4d63 and different 'bit' numbers.

I do not know if your 2006 focus transponder would be same model as needed for 2010 fiesta.

If you trying starting a car with a key that is not programmed then Forscan can read the fault code created. the fault code is different between - correct type of transponder chip but not programmed     and       incorrect type of transponder chip

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this has chip type by model.

but as it also has USA models listed I do not know if it all relates to USA and if USA cars (eg Focus/Fiesta) would have same chips as the European ones

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