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Finance Agreement?

Fiesta Silver1.4

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Allo Allo, Just pondering. I am in 1 yr 4 months of a 4 year Deal with ford on my Fiesta. Currently paid a !Removed! load already over 2k. Getting rather bored of the thing now =(

My friend was saying he had a clio on finance and the settlement figure was 2.6k, He went to a garage and the salesmen agreed to buy his settlement (with the finance company) and sell the clio on (profit ofcourse)

My settlement figure is about £3750, and i have seen 5+ same car on eBay with 15k more miles go for over £4999. Im looking to get a civic type-r in the region of £3500-£5000.

So basically, am i able to get the type-r dealer to settle with ford £3750 and then sell the Fizzy on? and use my car as a PX? and then pay differance cash/finance if over £1000

Or what is the process, im sure this is not an uncommon thing rite? - either way, dealer will be making profit?


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You wont get 5,000, I just know you won't :lol:

I'm looking at your picture alone with every best advantage in mind (Milage, looks, plate number etc) even if they were all spot on I reckon you will get 3,500 tops

I went and had a look at a MK6.5 the other day in immaculate condition 33,000 on the clock 56 plate and the asking price was 3,750 and most of them are around that price now which devalues the MK6 unfortunatley.

Sorry mate. I could be wrong though and you might get that kind of doh for it. Let me know what happens.

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Well good point, its a 50/50 chance. I mean im just going from the 2 i seen on eBay. In all fairness, the car is a 2004 Fiesta 1.4i 16v LTD edition. Not the bog standard engine so i was told too lol. erm, Full Black leather interior, was 2 bids taking one to £4999, and one was buy it now at £4.7k.

so ill see what the future holds :D

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Not bad I thought it was just the standard.

Cars on eBay are very over priced though but from what people seem very happy to pay well over the price range so you could make a tidy profit if you put it on there like.

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