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Fusion 1.4 Tdci Camshaft Wear


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I recently bought a Ford Fusion 1.4 TDCI with 81.000 miles. I knew the car had some problems with the engine but the price was very attractive so i thought it was worth the repair cost. I was told that the problem was with the camshaft. It needed replacement because the car was used on very long periods of time with the engine turned on, at idle. Basically the engine was kept on running for hours and hours, at idle. So i took out the camshaft and, yes, it was very worn. But ONLY the camshaft lobes. The tappet rollers are practically intact. So, my question is: How could that be possible? Bad camshaft from the factory?

PS (This car has a "sister" used on same conditions and it has the same problem)

Here is a photo of the camshaft with the corresponding rocker arm.

Thank you!


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I'd say they were cheap, bad quality replacements? Were they original?

2004 Ford Fusion 3 TDCI.

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Mine has the exact same wear... and it is the original camshaft.. i think i might change it when i'll change the timing belt kit.

When I bought mine (S H) it too had a sister whom had already got the camshaft changed.

I think it jas to do with the Formula Ford oil..

I'm thinking if I can put another camshaft, from another engine. Maybe a a sportier one or a tougher.one.

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