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Help Grinding


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I've got a ford fiesta st2 2014 plate

The cars done roughly 2300 miles

Today I heard something grinding I have no idea wat it is but it's coming from the wheels area drivers side

It's not always there

I seem to hear it when I take my foot of the accelerator and the car starts to slow it's self down round bout 30kph

The car doesn't make any nosies when I brake that I have noticed Besides the usual nosies from the brakes when I come to a stop to reverse

Also not hit any massive pot holes

Mind u don't think I've seen any in Germany lol

Any1 had this b4 or know what it is please


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Wheel bearings perhaps?

Try switching off ESP and see if it still hapens because ESP applies the brakes sometimes,

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Surely not a baring the cars just over 2 months old

il try that esp thing thou thank u if it is that dose that mean it's broken? Xxxxxxxx

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no if its ESP its not broken, may not be broken anyway mate
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Well they found the problem

The brake calipers or pads are grinding into the disc leaving 2 distinctive marks on it

It's safe to drive they say lol


Cause I had a alloy changed under warranty looks like they didn't care much bout putting it back on theve hit it 3 times I'm thinking perhaps it was the calliper they hit with it post-53582-140052114363_thumb.jpg

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