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Power Steering

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hi has anyone had problems with there powersteering on the 2008 Mondeo 2.2 x as I have to replace my resavoir every 2 - 3 years as it keeps making noises

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I know what it is the car needs a new pump and rack and as car is a 58 plate ford wont replace it but the car has only done 32500 miles so I am in a fight with company who sold me the car from new and ford them selves.

its to do with the oil they use it breaks down the rubber seals and blocks the reservoir filter they know its a problem and they need to recall but they wont as they cant afford it

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the worst thing is that I work for the ford company that sold me the car I have had leaks tyre valves snap 3 power steering reservoirs and plenty of other stuff it just a jinks car but nice to drive :mellow:

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They wont do a recall cus its too old. Im sure its in the tsb section. Tbh after your first resivoir went up the chuff they should of advised you for a new power steering pump. You wont get anything out of ford just because of the lack of miles..its out of warranty. You should fight with the dealership that sold you the car..not fomoco themselfes

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