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Parking Sensor Retro-Fit

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Newbie here, returned home with an 08 plate Mondeo Titanium today. :) I gave up trying to get one with parking sensors already installed as they seem to be rare and on more expensive examples.... but its a biiiiig car and England has smaaaall car parks!!

I'm on a budget but really want the "factory" sensor fit, I'm aware there are after-market kits you can get and I'm happy and confident I can source and fit these but I want to do it "properly".

The question; does anyone know if the vehicles are already fitted with any of the necessary parking sensor factory equipment? ie wiring, control modules etc? I'm suspecting not but have read other topics on parking sensor switches that plug into available ports etc so wondered what the options were. I'm assuming at some point I would need to go to Ford for a software flash to enable the function if nothing else.

Alternative; are there any after-market kits that can tap into the audio and emit the "beep" from the car Speakers (as the factory version would)? I'm just not too keen on putting a horrible little beeper in my lovely new Mondeo (I remember a trailer electrics kit I fitted to a previous car that emitted a deafening electronic BEEP which had me terrified to indicate!)

Next approach is to ask for a quote for the retro-fit but I anticipate that option being outside my budget!!

Thanks all, wish me luck in my new steed.

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For £15 - you can't really go wrong with an eBay special!

The buzzer, whilst loud is more reassuring - I agree about buzzers for trailer lighting being irritating, but the parking sensor one is not as bad.

Plus, the control box and buzzer can easily be secreted behind boot linings with no real problem (also helps take the shrill tone out of it a little)

By trying to wire it in to the audio system, you're just making like infinitely more complicated lol

Sure, it's not factory - but colour code the sensors and 99% of people won't notice (or care, in all likelihood)

Bite the bullet and go for aftermarket!

Could even go for a reverse camera!! (See Jeebowhite's latest build thread - Mindel the Mondeo)

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Thanks for the reply... and yes, I completely agree. It'll be way easier and most people wont notice.. but I will and it will annoy me!! Realistically; I'll probably just get the buzzer kit. Just wondered if there was a known solution out there that I wasn't aware of being a newbie to Fords.

Ooh, reverse camera... I'll have to look into that, can it be integrated into the colour instrument screen on the titanium spec!!?!! :D

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have a look at my Mindel the Mondeo build thread (link in signature) that was a cheap set I got off eBay, repainted and fitted. An easy process if you tap into the wires using POSITAP.

All in, parts, paint, no more than £30

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Thanks for the link to your thread, yes this looks like what I have planned! I'm going to match the factory sensor positions as best I can.

I might post my progress... got a boot spoiler to paint up, window tinting to be done and some minor carpet repairs too... (boot liner pulling apart)

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I have that same issue with the boot liner. not sure what to do with it!

As for the parking sensors, on the back of the bumper you will see a circle imprinted in the back of the bumper, that is the position that Ford would drill out to fit the sensors. I took a 1.5mm drill bit and drilled approximately in the centre of this circle from the rear to the outer of the bumper, which gave me the 4 pilot holes, then popped the sensor drill bit on, and just went for it, it wasnt too bad in the end, and although they arent perfect, they work perfectly, but the rubber strip on them started to pull up towards the sensor, so on a couple of the rears you just see this poking out the top a little!

One tip if you do go for this, I personally let the wires come in from the left above the exhaust pipe. I ran the wires down the crevice of the bottom splitter (just underneath where the sensors are) then used sillicone sealant, wiped a load of it on my gloved finger, then rubbed it along the wires, let it dry then do it again, this just kind of stuck the wires together, then proceeded to stick the wires out of the way so they couldnt be seen.

Then, when I took the wires into the boot, I drilled a pilot hole through the plastic circle, in order to push the wires through to the control box. Then, I laid down looking above the wheel and found that there was a small rubber grommet, I pushed this out, then fed all the excess of the wires up through the gap and just laid a cable tie underneath to keep them all coming out. Still standing now with no issues, and the wires and the exhaust get on alright, no problems with the wires or behaviour!

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OK thanks, I'll do some investigating and try to plan it out.

Haven't fully looked at what to do with the boot liner yet but I've got some ideas, if I'm organised (and I remember to take photos etc) I'll post my progress.

I see you did the flip key conversion; I take it thats where you take the electronics out of the existing fob and transfer it to a flip key carcass? Can the blank key be cut by a regular locksmith or does it require a specialist? (I want to recondition my keyfob as its a bit scruffy)

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Oh yes, and Im going to check tonight to see if I can do the heated fan style washer jets, if you're still able to supply them then I'm interested!

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I had a preexisting flip key, but yes same principal.

You have two options:

1) buy a new flip key uncut - you can take it to a local keycutter who does car keys and they will take the template from the existing key

2) if they both take the same chip (carbon) then you just transfer the chip over

I had a ford branded flip key from the last car and just transferred the electrics, but as the indie keycutter couldnt code a carbon chip, they basically did some work to cut enough space for a glass chip and coded, new key and programmed for £50 or so.

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