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Egr Blanking, Why What Are The Benefits

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new to this , my mondeo has been stuttering / stammering etc i have taken of egr and cleaned which i may add was black and full of sooty deposits, whats this blanking , how do i do it and what is the benefit /etc new to this club etc so if u can lads please make explanation idiot proof

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There are many benefits, to summarise:

  1. Efficiency improves around 4 MPG on average, in some cases a lot more
  2. Responsiveness increases
  3. Reliability improves
  4. Lag spot on the turbo is removed
  5. Turbo spools earlier to give you the go when you need it
  6. stuttering and stammering related to EGR is removed
  7. Exhaust gas can be "too clean" on the MOT test

These are just a summary, but we have a long detailed thread here which has much more detailed info, I have done it on my CMAX I owned before my current Mondeo (done it on this as well).

For the cost of £5 it makes a world of difference.

My Mondeo would average around 600 miles to the tank when I first got it, after granny driving I got it up to about 700, fitted the EGR blanking plate and the car started to believe I could exceed 1000! I need to note the next tank, but my MPG shot up from 63 to 73, and the general performance of the car is so much more refined.

The only niggle, is that blanking the MK3 engine (I believe is Euro IV) means that you may end up with the EML on, however one of my colleagues on the mod team (Stef123) I believe just ignored the light and after a while it went away :p

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