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Engine Cuts Out ?????


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hi all, i have a fiesta flight. im having problems with it cutting out now and then. When approaching a junction/roundabout etc, i press the clutch pedal to gear down,the engine has cut out..I either have to bump start it as im still moving or pull up to start it on the key... It can get very dangerous to say the least as all the steering goes as well !!! any ideas how to rectify this, hope someone can help..thanks..

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hi Rick... took the air control valve off, using carb cleaner and cotton buds i gave it a good clean.. and im pleased to say that

it's done the trick..No more stalling, no more erratic idling and back to being a pleasure to drive.. thank you.

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Sorry to jump on your thread but I think I've been having the same problems. Does this sound like the problems you were having?

Please see my previous post below:

I recently bought a 2002 Mk6 Fiesta 1.3 petrol (Duratec engine) as my first car.

It had been running great until I was sat waiting in traffic the other day. All of a sudden, with the car in neutral and my foot not touching the accelerator at all, the car started to rev itself up and down - as if I was pressing down on the accelerator heavily and letting off over and over again. I turned the engine off and restarted it and it seemed fine until I approached a junction uphill in 2nd gear and it accelerated forward of its own accord! I'm a bit scared to drive it as I worry that it's going to send me shooting out into traffic.

Now, when the car is sat idle, if I press down on the accelerator lightly, the car stalls and cuts out completely. Also, when slowing down to about 5mph (with the clutch down), the car stalls.

When driving uphill, it feels as though the engine is misfiring and there's a lack of power for a brief second every now and then.

Research online points to it being a problem with the Idle Air Control Valve or something. I am clueless when it comes to cars so that means very little to me.

I'd really appreciate it if anyone could point me in the right direction.


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hi j, yep sounds similar....if you go on you tube and look for fiesta mk6 air control valve it'll show ya where it is and how to clean or replace it...only took me 10 minutes from start to finish....easy peasy..good luck.

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Thanks for that, David.

I've googled like mad for the location of the valve, and also searched youtube numerous times to no avail. Do you happen to have a link?

Also, is yours a mk6 too?


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I've seen the opening post on this topic, and wondering if I may have the same problem. Bit of background: 10 years ago my wife was driving her 1400 Golf in traffic when it suddenly cut out. She immediately tried to restart and the engine caught alight. She was very lucky in that she was next to a filling station that put the fire out. Car very close to write off though. Last non Ford!

Fast forward to today and she was driving my beloved 2004 Fiesta Mk6 1.6 Ambiente 5 door hatch (South African built). Changing down into 2nd to negotiate a roundabout, all the lights came on and the engine died, leaving her with no power steering. Due to what had happened before she didn't try a restart and hauled it over to the curb. She opened the bonnet, no smell of petrol and everything normal. Thus encouraged and with fire extinguisher at the ready she restarted it, and it ticked over beautifully and brought her home.

For 15 years this car has not given a days trouble apart from needing to replace the ignition coils 2 years ago. She's been serviced regularly and has carried me over the worst roads southern Africa  could throw at me without even a cough. She's done journeys of over 1000 miles at a time perfectly reliably. Having recently bought a Ranger she is now in well earned  semi-retirement with 90 000 miles on the clock, doing shopping trips only. Therefore she sometimes now sits for a week at a time without being driven.

Could this be the throttle idle air control valve mentioned above? She is fitted with exactly the same 1.6 Zetec / Duratec engine fitted to UK models. I'd really appreciate some advice from a fellow Ford lover!






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