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Noisy Steering Rack On Mondeo Titanium Tdci 140


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Hi. I have a Mondeo titanium tdci 140 & recently there is a whistling sound coming from what sounds like the engine. If you dip the clutch & rev it's pitch rises with the engine revs.

I believe it's coming from my power steering so I took it to the garage where they replaced the PS pump, but when I picked it up it was exactly the same. So they ordered a replacement pump & that also made the same sound. They told it was my steering rack & as mine is a 57 plate that there was a recall on a certain year bracket (Mine falling inside of that). But I can't find anything relating to Ford recalling certain models that have this problem.

I did first notice a loss of power steering a month or 2 ago but only for a split second, so i'm convinced it's from the steering rack.

The steering hums slightly when turning & when I turn the engine off there is a whining / whirring sound for a few seconds from under the bonnet (I assume the steering).

It's very noisy & embarrassing to drive, it's very bad when I stop & then reverse as well.

I've only owned the car a few months & hardly drive it & so far I've spent more money on repairs than insurance & fuel.......... GRRrrrrrrr

Any advice would be really appreciated.


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hopefully if someone has the software they might be able to tell you what the recall notice was. I would say speak to Ford Customer service, get their clarity they should tell you which callback was applicable to you at the time.

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Mine seems to have similar problem to yours. Mine clunks when turning either way and there is a whirring and humming sound when turning off the engine.

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yeah I suspect the clunk is due to the top mounts, but I am not in a hurry to fix that, I will get Ford to have a look at it when its in for its next service.

The humming noise I believe is ust the climate control deactivating and the vent adjustments.

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