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Squeak From Front End Help.


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Morning folks,

I've had my 13 plate Mondeo for over two months now and within the last month I've noticed a squeak which sounds as though it's coming from the NSF. It only happens when I go over a small pothole or into the edge of a drain (where the tarmac starts to roll down towards the drain itself). You can only hear it when the windows are open but you can imagine in this weather, I'm driving around a lot like this and the nose is both irritating and embarrassing.

I've had the car back to the dealers who first stripped down the NSF strut, reseated and greased everything which didn't cure it. I then had it back last week where they replaced the shockers but still, I'm left with an annoying squeak.

Thoughts on what it could be?

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I've had that problem on peugeot 308 but never fords on the peugeots the problem is this heat sheild needs tightening would get that checked or doesn't take long

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I have the same sorta thing, moreso a rattle with a little squeak on mine, but either way it happens over potholes or bumpy roads, I suspect it to be the top mount.

I would take it ford as its under warranty and let them deal with it :)

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sorry, not sure if I overlooked something... if its a 13 plate car, its still in warranty, the car has a 3 years manufacturing warranty - which means any ford dealer can resolve the issue under warranty?

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