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Gearbox Inspection Cover Tdci

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I have a Mondeo 2.0 TDCI 03 plate. I had the Flywheel and clutch replaced as the old flywheel was noisy. I then had the normal loss of power so we removed the crank sensor and it had metal filings on it so we cleaned them and replaced. I regained power but then I got the cutting out problem so I replaced the fuel filter this cured the cutting out problem but I then got loss of power again. So once more we removed the crank sensor which yes again had filings on it. Now the problem I have is when we went to put the bolt back in to hold the sensor we let go and the bolt fell into the gearbox.

It definately went into the gearbox because we got a wand thing with a magnetic end and managed to get it but when pulling it back through the hole it fell off again and went back in. I haven't started or moved the car since but I really don't want to have the gearbox opened up if I can help it so was wondering if there is a inspection cover on it or a little plate that could be removed so we could get in there to remove the bolt. Having searched the net I have a feeling there probably isn't one but I am hoping I am incorrect.

Thank you

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Have u tred taking out starter motor this might help with bit more room and a flexi magnet u might catch it??

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Thank you for your reply unfortunately we tried again with the magnetic wand this afternoon and the end snapped off in the gearbox as well, now we have a right mess on our hands. My gearbox is turning into a letter box.

We have undone all the bell hosing bolts and we have it split apart but not quiet enough so we are going to undo the gearbox mounting tomorrow and will undo the starter motor. Hopefully this will be enough for us to get the bolt and end of magnetic wand out.

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Classic case of spending more time trying not to do the big job than actually doing it! I've ended up caught in that trap many times myself. Take top and bottom mountings off and you should be able to lever gearbox back just enough to get the bits out. Whenever the flywheel is changed you do need to sweep out all the filings from every nook and cranny, as they will clog up the starter as well as the crank sensor

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