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Mondeo St220 Mk3 Handbrake Cable


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Hi all been having an issue with my cable I have adjusted it twice..but after a few weeks it needs doing again..I found out about a clip from fords to sorted out the problem..with attach pics..but for the life of me can't make out where it goes..if any one has fitted this or knows where it goes..help..thankspost-54929-140707930154_thumb.jpgpost-54929-140707931785_thumb.jpg

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The clip looks like it fits on the caliper, where the lever is - it is unlikely it will make any difference because -

The rear calipers are a poor design and often the only way to to get the handbrake working right is to replace the caliper(s) with new or refurbed ones / + new pair of cables (might save a lot of hassle in the long run)

If im storing the car (for more than 5 mins :lol: ) i tend to leave it in gear with the handbrake off - that keeps the "give" in the springs (you must use the handbrake too to stop it siezing up, its a balance)

The 2 seperate rear parts of the handbrake cable are not individually adjusted so have to be replaced as a pair

pre 2004 and post 2004 have different caliper/ pad, designs, the rear discs and front brakes are all the same (for every model/ trim 2000-2007 1.8 to 3.0, diesels petrols LX / ST etc) - you may pay more for a disc/ pad marked "ST", but they are exactly the same as the base models (year for year)

If the rear caliper is not adusted so the lever goes back to the stop with the handbrake down, the auto- adjust won't work and it can break the helix inside the caliper.

(mk3 Mondeo expert)

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