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Mondeo Mk4 Battery Tray Cover


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My battery tray cover is broken and I can't find anywhere that sells new ones I'm trying to avoid asking ford does anyone know where items like this can be bought

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I'd say, try a scrappie. A quick search on something like "car breakers uk" should turn up some links like the following:




(I don't have any experience of these; they are just promising-sounding links that turned up, when I searched, looking for something else entirely). I'd guess there is also a possibility of finding people who are breaking their car on, err, Ford Enthusiast Sites, at least one of which ought to be known to you, or on the Bay of Fleas. For the purpose of searching, I'd think there is more chance of finding a complete car, one of the bits of which is what you want than of finding someone selling just the part that you want, but I don't know.

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Mine had more than a slight crack in it (the supplying dealer broke everything that they touched and they changed the battery...pretty ineptly; ineptly enough so that there was nothing securing the battery, apart from the cables and the bolt and bracket were just rolling around in the bottom of the tray).

I used a lot of epoxy on it, which was a mistake. The epoxy cracked and separated from the plastic of the battery cover, a bit, and, while it still does the job, it isn't the most pleasant repair I've ever seen.

What I should have done was:

  • spend a lot of time roughening the surface first, rather than just cleaning up the surface (which is a bit tricky, given that it is deep on the inside
  • used not just epoxy, but glass fibre mat (...or carbon fibre....mmmm, carbon fibre...) to create a bit more substance to the repair

and, given the difficulty if doing it properly, buying a second-hand one sounds attractive.

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