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Annoying Rattle


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Good morning guys.

I have a MK3 Mondeo hatchback.

I haven't had it long and had a few minor niggles most of which I have sorted.

I do have one however which is really annoying.

The back wheel arch inner plastic skin thing appears to have an annoying rattle.

I sat my 11 year old in the back and asked her to say where the rattle was coming from she said the wheel.

I parked up and went round the whole car looking to replicate the rattle.

I found it by putting my hand up above the passenger side rear wheel and touching the plastic inner wheel arch.

It hasn't got much movement just a fraction but sure enough the back door opened and my daughter yelled ..'dad thats the noise'.

So the question is has anyone had this before? Is it a common fault and is it easy to fix?

I haven't had a good look due to still being subjected to the remnants of the hurricane but can anyone give me any pointers?


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they have spring clip fixings on the inner side almost near top by the shock,a cple of 8m bolts screw and about 4 plastic screws that sit in a plastic insert mayb your missing sum at the back by the shock and its vibrating against the shock

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Thanks Peter.

I will take the wheel off later this evening and hopefully find some way of securing it....just to stop the rattle. I can then establish which clips I need and hopefully either effect a repair or purchase a set of clips if needed. :)

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