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Crankcase Tube - Stalling Car


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Hi All

There is a split in the Crankcase tube and was advised that all I needed to do was replace it so I went down to Vospers, got the tube and replaced it and now the car is just stalling. If I disconnect the pipe behind the inlet manifold it then will run but idles at 1500rpm, but as soon as I connect it back on it stalls again. Anyone out there have any idea what is going on?

Many Thanks

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The 1500rpm tickover is because the inlet draws extra air into the engine with he breather hose dissconected

I dont know why the car is stalling with the hose connected, its possible you have connected it up wrong, or the ECU has "learnt" to compensate for the old, split hose - the ECU controls the tickover RPM

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