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Ford Mondeo Mkiv 2008 2.00L 3.5Mm Audio Input

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Hello there, I have a basic Ford Mondeo MKIV, which comes with the basic CD player (I think it is a CD 6000 or something) as standard with a 3.5MMM aux line in inside the glove compartment.

Nice idea, but not very practical for me as the driver when I want to skip songs.

I would like introduce a second 3.5 mm panel mount jack socket somewhere in the central area of the car and wondered how easy it would be to add this without removing the existing jack in the glove compartment and moving that elsewhere? It would be really useful if I could use either at any point (although never both at the same time, of course). Can anyone please help me with this?

Also, I get this ticking noise if I attempt to listen to the mp3 player which trying to charge it through a cigarette lighter to USB adapter. Can anyone please tell me how I get around this? I previously owned a Ford Mondeo MKIII and using the same set up I had no problems.

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I cheated and installed a bluetooth to aux device. got it for less than a fiver off eBay. I ran a usb extension lead up the back of the glove box and in, then plugged the USB into it for power, and then a short aux lead into the aux port.

I just have my phone playing music through the bluetooth - this is one option!

The other option is, you could buy a new aux port off fort, disconnect it from the back of the glove box and just run it where you want it.

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Their is nothing to stop you wiring a socket in parallel with the existing aux socket, but obviously problems if using both at same time, for me as jeebowhite says I would use a usb socket in convenient position and connect to external 5v power supply as well so you could plug in phone, mp3 player etc with charging, the ticking is almost certainly from the adaptor you are using which uses a switching circuit to regulate the voltage, the only answer is to pay more for a better power adaptor.

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Difficult to say, personally never came across problem as most seem to made in china and don't identify make up, suggest you try a clip on ferrite core suppressor on lead, they are pretty cheap, can you identify clicking with anything on car like wipers etc.

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