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Anyone Fitted An Aftermarket Reversing Camera To A Mk4?


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I'm picking my mk4 mondeo up on Monday. One thing it didn't have that I would have like is either parking sensors or a reversing camera.

I was considering getting a cheapy audio only sensor kit to go on the back, but when looking I saw lots of relatively cheap reversing cameras and screens.

Has anyone fitted one? I would need a camera and a screen and ideally would like the screen to be non intrusive. I've seen mirror screens which look good but then look quite bulky clipped onto the original mirror - shame it can't be replaced instead. Also wondered if a small screen would fit in the gap at the bottom behind the gear stick or in the bit where the ashtray is? (can't remember how big either of these are!)

I've got the sony DAB stereo in there so no gps screen to use.

Any thoughts?

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yep :D

take a look here:


Total cost was about £30, total installation would have been around 2.5 hours (I spent many lunch hours going out, taking the car apart, doing a bit of work, putting it back together again) so if I just take the time inbetween the destruction and rebuilding, it would probably be less than that :)

I would personally say go with the mirror. It clips over the top and you honestly forget about it. I find that its easier to dip my mirror when reversing so I get a much better view (less reflective glare).

To be honest any use of another square screen bolted to the car (IMHO) I wouldnt even contemplate, it just looks untidy, whereas the mirror tactic is just so much better, cleaner - fit and forget.

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Thanks for the reply.

I was looking at this mirror...


But the camera that comes with that one looks like it would stick out like a sore thumb?

So maybe replace the camera with one of these...


Hopefully that would then keep it wireless to transmit the video. The camera end shouldn't be too hard to wire up and there is an LED light on the current mirror so there must be power at the mirror - hopefully powerful enough to power the screen?

I know it makes it a bit more expensive buying the extra camera but I could always use the spare camera on our other car which is a bit older. The other car has an aftermarket radio with a screen which can take a video input.

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Yeah I didn't get that one you linked to. I got one that left most of the lens clear so the the lights remained behind. Will try get a photo to show you. The plate still lights up very well. The mot won't be affected either

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