2008 Mondeo Intermittent Problem - Ecu?

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A friend of mine has a 2008 Mondeo 140 TDCI which was involved in a small accident to its drivers side front wing about 2 months ago. This was repaired through his insurance at a reputable bodyshop. (this probably has nothing to do with the problem but though it worth mentioning).

The car normally drives fine and has given him no problems until recently when pulling away from junctions etc the car would put the ESP warning light on and then stall. Occasionally if he dipped his cluch it would remain running, but the ESP light would still be on. If it cut out it usually wouldn't start for quite a few seconds.

This problem was getting worse so he asked me to check it out for him (I am no electrical expert but am gennerally OK with cars and a lad at work has a Snap-On Mobis diagnostics kit!).

We took it to work and plugged in to read the codes - it came up with U0100 - Lost communication with ECM/PCM.

We assume that is due to a bad earth, loss of volts or a corroded wire/terminal somewhere but that is all guesswork. I can't even find the ECM!

The guy with the reader done a bit of internet research and decided to re-plug in the unit - he cleared the codes and it all seemed OK, although as it was an intermittent we kept the car to re-drive it the next day. When I went back to the car it wouldn't start - The dash says "Immobiliser active" and "engine malfunction".

Now I am stuck! Suggestions are more than welcome!

Thanks, Rob

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it could be a damaged wire around the wheel arch, potentially related. It could also be a damaged module, as to hand I dont know where the ESP module is, but it could also be a damaged ABS sensor. Did any other codes at all come up?

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Its now sorted - I checked fuses, ECU plugs, ABS module plugs and found nothing obvious so it went to a specialist who found a chaffed wire somewhere under the dash.

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