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Flashing Glow Plug Light On Start Up.


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Hello all.

So I ahve this problem, it's got a bit worse recently too.

My lovely 06 TDCI titanium x is throwing wobbly when I try to start her.

I do the usual wait for the glow plug light to go out before starting and she turns over and over and over then finally bursts into life.

Now she's decided that she's going to let the glow plug light flash after starting and run lumpy, loud and slow, I understand this is limp home mode but I had no choice but to drive her home today as I had my wife an little boy in the car, took an age to get to 50mph and sounded like the exhaust was blowing.

I'd love some help please, I wonder if it's the glow plugs. I have no idea when they were changed (if ever) I remember years ago my dad had a works van (1992 Astra diesel) and that would not start unless you did the glow plugs 5 or 6 times.

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After spend a large majority of last night googling the dreaded glow flasher I found several threads relating to the electronic actuator and the lever it controls (to open the turbo vanes?) I removed the circlip and operated the lever by hand, that lever was a slightly stiff and squeaking when it moved, it only moved maybe a centimetre or so. I sprayed some lubricant at the point where the arm goes into the turbo and spent about 10 minutes working it back and forth. I got to a point where it fealt like it wanted to move but was jammed. I applied a little more pressure and moved it maybe another 5mm. I kept working it back and forth until it was completely free. Reattached the arm to the actuator and started her up. She fired up first time. No flashing plug light. Revs seemed a little lower. Shut her down and went for a brew, came back 10 minutes later started again, first time, again with lower revs. Left her for a third time then returned to take her for a spin. Happy days so far. Will keep you all updated.

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