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Mondeo 2009 Titanium X Estate - Headlights Issue?


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Hi All,

Can anyone offer me some advice?

I've just purchased a 59 plate Mondeo Titanium X and have notices that when the headlights are on, it appears that the light from the headlights is continually 'bouncing up and down' when shining on a vehicle in front of me. This only happens when I'm driving, when stationary they seem fine.

The bulbs aren't flickering in any way, it just appears that the lights are moving up and down all the time.

I've made sure there is no play in the actual bulb housings, and the lamp unit is securely tightened, so I'm wondering if this is normal (if they have auto-self levelling) or if anyone has had/got a similar issue and can offer some advice?

Any help would be much appreciated.

Thank you.


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