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Bought A Mondeo Titanium Tdci 140 10 Plate


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Vauxhall drivers. Particularly if they have a hand painted ten year old Corsa.

They have to brake if they want to get around a change in lighting conditions, or if a pedestrian coughs, and that might take you by surprise.

At that mileage, DMF. It'll go sometime, and it could be soon, or not, depending on how its been driven (ie, by one of those peculiarly crazy people who are trying to do something good - fuel economy, usually - and end up trying to wreck stuff to do it...and don't really get better fuel eco, either).

More generally, there is a failure rate on dpf, injectors, and the fuel pump that is higher than on petrols. It isn't idiotic and don't get it out of proportion, but, say, over the first 180k miles expect to spend a bit more at the garage and distinctly less at the pumps than a petrol.

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