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Ford Focus Mk3

Barry T

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Hi all,

Help required

Does anyone have a factory installed reversing camera fitted to there hatchback car ?

If so, what type is it, combined with number plate light or on its own and where is positioned on the car.

I will explain more if anyone can supply me with details.

Barry T

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Thanks Alex,

I assume you mean 1 to 2 inches to the left of the number plate lamp fixed to the soffit of the tailgate ie on the same level as the number plate lamp. Is it fixed central to the soffit or more to the front or back edge ? Is it a square shape or round ?, How far does it protrude down from the soffit?. The round cameras I have been looking at on the internet are fully adjustable and need approx an 18 mm hole to fit them.

The camera I have fitted, that are fitted to the number plate lamp dose not illuminate the number plate fully, I am sure the police will stop me and at the same time find other faults with my car.

I assume your number plate is adequately illuminated (not restricted by the camera) with the factory fitted camera.

With road side cameras the police will soon start clamping down on rear number plates that are not adequately illuminated at night.

Thanks again Alex

Barry T

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