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Central Locking Question


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New mondeo owner here.. I have a mk4 titanium x sport on a 58 plate

I can central lock the car while sat in it using the driverside door handle

But I can not central lock it from the passenger side door handle?

Can anyone tell me why this is or if there is something wrong? I could do it on my focus

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I am quite sure that's how it supposed to be. To stop kids pressing the button and locking you out of the car then spending 30 mins with the keys in the ignition and persuading a child to unlock it again. I have a 05 tdci and mine locks all the doors from the drivers side but not from any other door.

I may be wrong but if I am I am glad mine is working this way. It also stops the wife being a comedian and locking you out when it's raining! or is that just mine?

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on my focus i could enable central locking from my driver side and my front passenger side. not from the rears that would be stupid.

but i'd like to be able to from the front passenger side so that the missus can lock herself in quickly when she stays in the car on her own while i pop into a shop etc

just wondered if there was something wrong with my car or if this is just how it works

i guess she'll just have to reach over to my door to lock herself in

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