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Mondeo Mk4 Powering Parrot Question Please


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Vehicle Driven:mondeo zetec 1.8tdci


Location:doncaster, uk

Posted Today, 01:20 AM

Hi all,

I have just got a 2008 ford mondeo zetec mk4.

I successfully installed a parrot in my mark 3 focus and wanting to do the same in my new car.

All seems pretty straightforward however what I have seen it need to power it from a ignition switched live.

Where are these located, i read that the hazard warning light is ignirion live but I disagree, people have said the cig lighter is ignition.switched.and goes off 10 mins after turning ignition.off is this true. Or any other 100% ideas.

Many thanks


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The mk4 Mondeo uses the gen3 radio which works on mk2/2.5 Focus and they definitely have an ignition live.

Tbh if they didn't then you'd get a permanent one hour mode on the radio.

Seeing as you'll be working on the back of the radio installing the sot lead anyway it's logical to wire in there.

Does the Parrot sot not have a permalive feed integrated into it already?

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The Mki 9200 has a red and orange wire that can be switched around as in orange to red/red to orange which i found useful when i took it out my Clk and fitted to an X-Type Jaguar.

Hope it helps.

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Right all wired up I went for mki9200 no power obviously, so I cut the wire that said ignition live from parrot unit and wired.it to positive on cig lighter but still no power to unit???

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Yea working now switched live and battery needed swapping wired it to cig lighter I tested and after a bit it turned off !Removed! lighter so will see if this turns off I believe it on a delay

Thanks all

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Just to let u know all done.and fully working in used the cigar lighter live which turns of about 15 mins.after shutting power off

Thanks for.everybody's help.and hope this thread helps.somebody.else.

Now.onto auto lights lol any suggestions think I need sensor and.light switch.unit.with auto on

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