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Mk4 Mondeo 1.8 Tdci


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can sum one give me sum idea wats up with mi mondeo.

its a intermitant fault wen im driving sum times it plucks and engine malfunction light cums on

then it goes in to limp mode.

took it to fords they cant find anything up with it.

doin mi head now any ideas


p.s its a 2009 model zetec

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Hows it going , i have the same car,year and same issue , this would occur at motorway driving and then became more of a problem even during 30-40mph driving , i did a couple of things and for 5 months i have not had the same issue , do you have more smoke than normal also , fit a EGR blanking plate (£3 off ebay) , also change your air filter to a premium filter (non ford) and clean out the air inlet duct work , also check for holes in the turbo pipework such as intercooler to EGR to see if you have any wear in the pipework (only way to see underneath is the engine cover needs taken off ) sometimes though the hole is not seen unless your up around 2000RPM, one last thing is to check all your air inlet pipework is fully secured including going to EGR

The fault doesnt even register on a fault reader they tried to tell me there was an issue with Injector 3 and they cleaned it out and remapped them , i still had the issue after it left them with them also telling me that with no fault code they dont know the fault problem just like yourself, i have my own reader and when the engine malfunction came on i plugged in my own reader and it didnt have any DTC's stored in the ECM

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