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New Mot And Abs Issue


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Hi Guys,

just got the next 12 months on my Mondeo tdci back from the garage following the MOT.

She failed on brake wear...no other advisories so not bad for a car with 141,000 miles.

I had blanked the egr valve off a few months ago so was interested in the emmission issue. No issue there.

Prior to the MOT I had an intermittent ABS light popping on.

I don't know if I still have it as often it stayed off for weeks then pops on and goes away.

I just wondered if worn brakes (discs and pads were changed) would cause an intermittent abs light issue.

Only time will tell but any views?

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Don't think worn brakes would throw up an ABS lamp, as long as they've not got low enough to run the reservoir dry and get air in the system. Even that may not trigger it either.

Could be a problem with one of the wheel speed sensors/wiring, or possibly the pressure sensor within the ABS unit - these used to be a problem plus the similar units fitted on other brands but maybe on cars older than yours. Once the sensor is kapput the light stays on, used to require a complete module change but Ford now make the relevant components available to save those £1K+ bills for a new module!

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Thanks...Iv had no light since the garage fitted the new discs and pads. Maybe one of my sensors had a dirty connection.

Really not sure ..except its fixed. Time will ofcourse tell if it stays off. I had no advisories concerning the abs light at the test.

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