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Petrol: 2L Zetec Vs 2.5T


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Hi all,

I get the impression that compared to its mediocre performance, the economy of the 2L Zetec isn't that great at ~33mpg. Can I ask what would you recommend given my low annual mileage of only ~6k, what would be better for me? 2L or 2.5T that I would enjoy driving more? Is the 2.5T much worse on fuel than the 2L zetec?

Basically, I'd much prefer the 2.5T, but if it is horrendous on fuel, then I'll compromise on fun and get the 2L Zetec. Please bear in mind my low annual mileage though.


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It may be a slightly different configuration than the 2.5T in the Focus but you may well find the 2.5T gives a lot more driving enjoyment. It's not just the power difference, the way the torque is produced really helps too.

Test drive may be an idea if possible ;)

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Yeah that's exactly what I'm thinking. My last car was an Astra VXR which was 240 bhp. I don't think I'll enjoy 143bhp zetec and it's not like it's going to save me thousands in fuel compared to the 2.5T. I worked out that at 6000 miles a year, (25mpg on the 2.5 vs 33mpg on the 2) there would only be about £300 a year difference in fuel.

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I don't do many miles - I went for the 2.0L mainly due to the fact that the car was the best one I found! If it had been a 2.5T I'd have still had it!

It goes plenty fast enough for my journeys - fuel consumption isn't great - I get about 26mpg from the 2.0L with short journeys. Long journeys see about 45mpg.

I imagine that the 2.5T would have bags of power but it would be a bit wasted on my journeys! I had a couple of cougars in the past and the 2.5V6 was certainly more enjoyable than the 2.0L Zetec.

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