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Mk3 2007 Mondeo What To Look Out For?


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Hi all

I've had a read around on the forum as I'm thinking about buying a 2007 2.0 Tdci 130 Mondeo estate. Work are getting rid.

Its done 170,000 but I'm sure I'll be able to get it for a good price and it has been very well serviced. If I can get a years motoring out of it I'd be happy. Any more than that is a bonus.

I'm getting rid of my 2007 1.6 Tdci cmax. Got to a point where I need to get rid. Generally been good but started to fail now - turbo, leaking fumes into cabin. I had a 2005 mondeo before (not estate) and that was an actual lemon so I have been burnt before!

Copied from RojaRiggs (hope you dont mind!)

Typical Mondeo Mk 3 problems to look out for are:

  • Wind noise from front and rear door seals and water leaks through lower front door seals
  • TDCI 130bhp engine may suffer from starting problems and uneven idling or may misfire. Also reports of the smoking and of high oil consumption, which may be turbo oil seals
  • Spate of clutch and dual-mass flywheel failures on 2003 built 2004 model year TDCIs. Starting problems with diesel may be due to impending clutch failure.
  • TDCI injectors seem to be very fuel sensitive. Many have needed to be cleaned or replaced after 3-4 years and circa 60,000 miles.
  • Check inside edges of the bottoms of all doors of 2000 - 2003 cars for paint lifting and corrosion because the wax sealing between the door frame and skin can fail.
  • Check for corroded rear brake pipes where they pass over the fuel tank (an MOT failure point).
  • Check rear suspension bushes which can become loose in the attachment points (an MOT failure point) and used to require a new subframe costing £300 - £500 to replace.

Anything else I should be looking closely at? Specifically on the 2007 model? I'm presuming it is a Mk3. This was the changeover year to Mk4 wasnt it?

Any pointers you could give would be grately appreciated.

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