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Fiesta Mk6 (2002) Heated Windscreen Not Working


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Hi everyone

So I've got an early mk6 Fiesta (non face-lift)

Ever since the cold weather has set in I've noticed that my heated front windscreen doesn't work at all... I press the button to turn it on and nothing happens, I touch the windscreen and there's no sign of warmth at all. I'm a new driver and this is my first car, just wondered if anyone on here could give me a few helpers on to finding out whats gone wrong if its maybe a fuse or completely dead windscreen.

Any help would be great!! thank you


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First point of call I'd check the fuse, not sure which one it is as haven't got my Haynes in my hand right now but if you get stuck or no one else gets back I'll have a look for you :)

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On 12/22/2014 at 5:13 PM, StumpyBloke said:

Does the engine noise change when you turn on the heated screen (because of a drain on the battery)?

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No mate not that I can hear 

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Pretty sure I've read somewhere that many old Fords are suffering from failure of the heated screen, where the electrical connections hook up to the screen these parts are and become weak and it only takes one to break and the screen nolonger works.

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