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Polish For Sea Grey Mk4 Mondeo


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My husband has a black car and I use dodo juice purple haze (smells lovely too), brings it up a treat. I've also tried poorboys black hole show glaze then exp sealant on there, again looks a treat

Both are formulated for use on dark colour cars

Hth :)

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Being a professional detailer 4 best things you can do to really bring the sparkle to any car especially dark cars is. 1) use a good iron and fall out remover like ValetPro Dragons Breath after washing the car. 2) then clay bar the car with a medium grade clay. 3) then polish with a good cutting compound Gtechniq P1 nanocomposite polish (can be used by hand with the special polishing pad or by machine polisher). 4) the seal with a good polish, sealant or carnauba wax like Dodo Juice, poor boys, maguirs or other brand u fancy. It may sound a lot right now but once this is done if u keep up to it u just need to reapply the the last stage once every few months.

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For a quick going over if car not too dirty I have found that Demon Shine does a good job too. At the start of last summer I gave it a good wax by hand then just kept it topped up with Demon Shine. Sprays on and wipes off!

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