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Engine Swap


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I have a mondeo that won't start low fuel pressure in the rail, I've looked at price of second hand pumps and for the money I might aswell get another second hand engine with lower miles as car had 170k on clock as most come with pumps on then. how hard are they to change or is it easy enuff ??

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If you have got an assistant, a good selection of sockets, spanners, extensions, pry bar, grips, trolley jack and stands etc - all the basic mechanics tool then you can rent an engine hoist from the likes of hss.

We rented one from there a few years ago before buying one as we didn't know it would be so handy and get as much use as it has. I think a weekend hire was about 30 quid.

A good flat bit of solid ground to work on is also a great help (some will argue it's a must) but let me assure you it's not essential lol.

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Is there any re coding required or is it case of undoing pipes and wires and just re connecting ??

The injectors will require coding. Is yours the 2.0? I'm sure the pump can be swapped without coding although don't quote me on that.

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