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New Car..... & Needs More Powerrrr.


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Hey all. So have bought myself a 07 reg Mondeo st. 2.2 Tdci.

lovely car. Excellent condition, low milage, recaros, sat nav, xenons ect.... drives great and looks the part.

BUT... I want to tinker with it a bit.

so my plans are a DPF delete and EGR blanking plate coupled with an air filter and re-map. That should see me close to around 190 ish bhp and a good 400 nm I reckon (give or take)

I have never owned a Ford and am new to this forum, but will certainly make the most of the great topics and shared knowledge on here.

Is there anything else you fellow ST owners recommend??

Also is there a contact on hear to get said work done??

Cheers all.


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Hi Dan,

I was interested to read your post, although I can't provide any info to help you. I've also just bought a 2007 Mondeo ST TDCI (1st Dec 2014), so I'll be interested to hear what you do with yours and how you get on. Please keep us updated....

At the risk of sounding like my dad, one thing I would say is that I had an Escort RS Turbo which suffered an early demise following a crash one night in 1992. It was towed away after the crash and inspected by an assessor from the insurance company within 24 hours of the crash. I thought they were being very keen at the time, but I was told it was routine in those days to look for "undeclared" modifications. Fortunately, my car was standard, but I've always kept that in mind. :)

I'm pretty sure my new Mondeo is standard too (no mods were declared to me, apart from the tow hook, which I'd quite like to get removed if I'm honest). However, I've noticed that it seems to be a hesitant under light throttle. 1st/2nd gears are fairly useless for a quick getaway (the power band is so small - it seems that, no sooner have to lifted your foot off the clutch, it's back down for another gear change....) 3rd and above are all great, but seem to need at least 40% throttle to respond. Have you found the same?

All the best,


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Hey Paul.

So far I have been working on the car myself, over the last couple of days I've done some debadging, painted my front fog light surrounds, lower grill and upper grill in satin black and just finishing painting the upper grill surround in Blue to match the car.

Also worked on getting out some marks from dreaded bird pooh that previous owner had obviously not had the eye for. So they are fixed too.

Lastly I had a friend come over and remove two tiny car park dings I spotted on the car. So that's all done.

And next week I shall take my headlight apart and spray the insides matt black to match with the rest of the black bits I've done.

Wheels go in next week to be powder coated in a nice anthracite.

Then I shall be moving onto the fun bit. (Power)

To start with I'm just going to put a full system inc decat on the car, clean and blank off my EGR, replace the airfilter with a pipercross or K&N then have it mapped.

I will do most of the work myself as I have been so far. So why not lol.

As far as the cars current power range. Your right 1st is over faster than there is point to use it. And 2nd is only just getting the car going. From 3rd upwards is where the power is. But the mods shall change that.

And yes it's up to u if u tell your insurer. I always have and never had a hefty increase. So usually pays to be honest. 👍

Any plans for yours yet?


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Hi Dan,

I'm certainly not planning to do anything major like you're doing.

I've got a touch-up stick for the stone chips and there is a nasty ding on the driver's door (the previous owner's kids bike fell on the side of the car). Not sure what to do about that, but it certainly needs to be touched in.

Then, in the spring, the car will get a few good washes and detailed polishes. My wheels do need to be refurbished, but I'll probably leave that for a bit. I doubt will do any power upgrades on it, although I have, in the past, considered one of these remaps that gives about 30% more power and torque and makes the car more drivable, but I'd look to balance that against any costs and changes in insurance premium.

I don't drive as fast as I used to - long gone are my hot hatchback days :-)

Do keep us updated on what you do to the car, and what effect it has. I might be interested if you find something that makes the car completely different.

Good luck with the works!

Best wishes,


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