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Quick Bulb Question


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i know all the other bulb fitments.. was just the fog i was unsure about as i know its sometimes either h8 or h11 and they both look similar

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What bulb fitment is the tail lights? ie not the fog/reverse lights

The manual doesnt seem to say. Just says the fog/reverse/indicator fitments. I've already swapped the reverse lights for cree, have ordered cree fog light bulbs which are on the way.

I'm gonna order some led/cree indicators once I decide on the style.

Now I'm just trying to suss out the standard tail light fitment so that I can order these too

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Note also that some web sites (autobulbs direct, for example) have selectors where you can put your car details in, and it will tell you which bulbs go where. Which they'd obviously then like to sell you, but there is no compulsion to go down that route, if you don't want to, although some of their prices are very decent.

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i ordered some red cree fog light bulbs, using the fitment it states in the owners manual

can anyone see whats wrong from the following images?



yup just to clarify, on the right is my existing bulb, on the left is the bulb they sent me

the offset of the pins seems correct, i'm assuming thats what the fitment in the manual relates to. but everything else, most noticeably the size is completely wrong

what am i supposed to do with that?

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Correction I think I might have actually ordered these for the indicators and think they are amber. But either way I just went by the fitment it stated in manual

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