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Clicking Sound When Braking New Brakes Fitted Still There


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Hi All.

I have a ford fusion 2 1.4.

when braking gently i hear a clicking sound from front.Brakes have been checked and mechanic had No idea of what it can be...As i slow down the sound is concurrent with speed...click click click

Any ideas? This is driving me crazy...

Thanks in advance

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Hi There. I had a 'tinkle' sound when breaking after having the pads replaced. It developed to the point where it would sound when driving over a bump or uneven surface. The garage reported that this happens when the mechanic doesn't apply 'Copperstop' to the back of the pad & it rattles against the caliper. Another garage changed the pads again & the problem was solved with the Copperstop theory apparently a load of tosh!



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