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Code Reader

trevor b

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Just wondered if anyone lives near Scunthorpe with a code reader as engine management light came on today , and if someone kind wants to help someone who hasn't a clue or a job . Happy new year to you all

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Depends how you want to play it. Presuming you have the petrol engine, then it may be the OBDII, if its diesel its probably OBDI, but I cant say for sure. You could go for either a bluetooth device and do basic scans with something like TORQUE, or, I would suggest going for the F Super - that is backwards compatible I believe.

I dont know if modified ELM and FORSCAN would work outright, its possible, but I couldnt guarantee it.

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Double check the F-Super 2 is backwards compatible, as I cant say for definite it is.

If you had to throw £20 at one of them I would go for the F Super 1, as thats almost guaranteed to work, whereas I would guess the F Super is almost guaranteed not to/

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