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Mk4 Drivers Lock Barrel Removal ?

Jade Falcon

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ok guys and girls, i'll keep this short and sweet :D

few days ago mondeo doors were frozen so badly i had to pull really hard on the handle to get the doors to open, the door handle on the drivers door popped out on the left hand side. Think i have stretched the wire cable that runs from the handle to the locking mechanism.....

i know i need to get the whole locking mechanism out to mess about with the cable, i've gotten the door card out and the key lock plastic off from the outside of the car... but underneath the lock barrel is surrounded by a large lump of metal the same size as the plastic cover, which i cannot seem to get off and there is no easy circlip or anything to remove.... now its got me stumped as to how to get the thing out.... even the haynes manual does not cover the lock removal that i can see anyways

i did manage to get the cable re-attached to the handle mechanism but as soon as i pull on the door handle it pops the handle out again... need to either replace the cable or tie a knot in it to shorten it a little :)

does anybody know how to get the key barrel assembly removed ???

any help would be greatly appreciated, as i have my MOT on 7th of January and its not even worth presenting for inspection as its instant fail as the door is unable to open from the outside

much thankee's in advance for any replies :D

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Sounds like you will need a replacement on both the handle side and the inner side. you need to strip the door right back, unscrew the lock barrel, remove the external door handle, interior, and then detach the entire lock mechanism from the door.

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