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Mk4 Door Lock Problem


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The passenger on my mk4 mondeo comes up on the convers screen as being open when it is shut,so I am unable to lock my car.

Have pulled the upper block connected off on the lock mechanism and test the puns for continuity ,2 of the pins make a circuit when door is closed so it seems the microswitch is working ok.

Anybody have an idea what could cause this or is it going yo be an expensive visit yo the dealers for me.

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Car was taken into ford who diagnosed an earth problem with the door lock module.

They said the earth problem may also be causing the tyre pressure monitoring fault I had on the dash.

They said some of the interior needs to be stripped out to trace the fault and may take up to 6 hours.

The fault was traced to a wire under the passenger seat which was repaired,but the tyre sensor problem is still there,total cost was 6 hours labour ,a mere £600 to fix a wire,needless to sat won't be going to ford again for a repair if I can help it .

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