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Egr & Dpf???


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Hi guys. Newby hear.

Can someone help me out a little.

I am keen to do a few 5 gigs to my 07 plate mondy ST tdci but have heard conflicting responses from various friend asked in the trade.

1. I want to Blank off the EGR is it better to have a solid plate or one with a breath hole?

2. Does my car being an 07 still have a DPF?? As a mechanic told me today that he didn't think it had one?? 😕

And finally. I am planning to decat the car and put in an air filter upgrade then have the car remapped. What are people's view on K&N vs Piper cross filters? And whats the best value for money decay system to source?

Also I heard that my EGR may be electric and if so the Map will turn it off anyway so I may not need at blanking plate?

Can anyone shed some light on all or any of this please?



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Hi, in my opinion, it is better to blank it off with a solid plate, I've done it, too.

The 2007 mondeo has'nt got a DPF, at least not in Belgium, in stead, he has a catalyst.

For the moment, I have a decat-pipe, Piper Cross airfilter ( + many things more in order to have a good feeling about the remap).

It is possible that today's remappings wipe out the EGR,I do not know, but the remap I had, a few years ago, did not. In my case, I have still blanked off my EGR.

In case of possibillity, I would also recommend to blank off the EGR, because you cannot know for sure if the valve is closed 100%.

It is possible that the valve does not close because there is soot and sludge around.
I'd rather play 'safe'
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