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Mk3 Mondeo - New Battery Weirdness...


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Hi all,

I'm new to the Ford Owners Club, but just joined up as I had to tell someone what happened this evening....!!!

Long story short, I bought a 2007 Mk3 Mondeo ST TDCI last month which was lovely, but (as you do) I've noticed a couple of 'issues' that I needed to get fixed including passenger electric window motor not working and glove box bulb blown. Nothing major, so thought I'd leave it to the next service to get them fixed.

The other day, though, I went to start the car and nothing .... just a series of clicks followed by the needles sweeping across all the dials. :-(

I looked across various forums and decided it was probably the battery. It still had the original one so I thought that, even if that didn't fix the problem, there was no harm in the car having a new battery. I bought a new Silver Calcium battery from Ford, and fitted it myself. I had to reset the radio code, and all was fine again. The car started first time :-)

Driving along this evening, for some reason, I thought I'd try the passenger door window. I don't know why I thought it would suddenly work again, but it did! A few minutes later, I opened the glove box and was shocked to see the light come on! I've also noticed that when I press the INFO button to change the fuel computer display, it doesn't beep now.

So, it seems as though disconnecting the old battery and connecting a new one has "reset" things that weren't working or changed some settings. Is this possible? If so, can other things be changed as well?



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That's certainly an odd one! I suppose that it could have reset things in the same way as turning your computer off and on again resets it, though why the glove box light should have started working is a mystery as I'd imagine that that's just a bulb and a switch. I wonder if one of the connections to the battery was a bit dodgy and in taking the terminals off the battery and refitting them you've caused it to connect again?

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here is a thought, the glovebox light will only work when sidelights or headlights are on - have you been checking it when the lights are off?

its certainly a strange one

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@Cybertrucker - Yes, I thought it may have reset something, but not sure how it got "unset" in the first place unless there was some change that is not over-ridden by switching off and restarting the engine. There was only one connection on each terminal (bolted down) so no additional wires.

@stef123 - good point, I'm not sure. I will try the glovebox with the lights off. The lights were certainly on when the bulb worked last night.

thanks, both!

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