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Battery Needs Replacing?


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Looking for a bit of advice before contacting the garage tomorrow.

I have a 51 plate Mondeo 2.0 TDDI which I have owned for just over a year. Has done 92k and just sailed through its MOT.

The problem I have been having for past 5-6 weeks is that the car is struggling to start in the mornings- worse on cold mornings but has gradually been getting more difficult to start. I have had 3 flat batteries in about a month. Garage told me they checked the battery and it was holding its charge and all fine etc but it doesn't appear to be holding it overnight when it is cold. I am wondering if changing the battery is the most sensible next step before doing any further investigation?

I have been allowing the glow plugs to heat a few times before turning the key but this has made no difference. The engine turns over quite a few times before spluttering into life. Once it is running, there is absolutely no issue starting it again- fires up first time.

Given we are in the middle of winter and I need it for work, I am beginning to get anxious about it starting each morning. I am also aware (even though I know nothing about cars!!!) that having to turn the key for prolonged periods of time to get it to start is not good either.

I feel the garage can be a bit dismissive sometimes of these wee issues so just wanted some confirmation really that changing the battery is not a silly thing to do?

I have no idea how old the battery is but I had no issues at all last winter with it.

Any advice would be great!

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I have had 3 flat batteries in about a month.

One battery that has gone flat, or thereabouts, three times, rather than three different batteries that have gone flat?

It does sound as if your battery has got to the end of its worthwhile life. So yes, it could be holding the charge that it has, but if the capacity has gone rather low, that probably isn't enough, particularly on cold mornings, where everything is going against it (the battery's ability to deliver current gets lower, just as the engine needs more energy to start).

How old is the battery? Do you know (from receipts, or maybe you know/have reason to believe that it is the original fitment)? If it is anything over six years old (less, if it is a cheaper battery), you'd have to say that it has had a good innings, and there probably is little else to say.

If it is a decent battery and it has got to this state after a shorter period of time, then other question may arise, such as whether something is draining it or whether it is being fully charged.

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Thanks for the reply. I have no idea how old the battery is, unfortunately I did not get any receipts etc when I bought the car but looking at the state of it (and factoring in the age of the car- 14 years old this year) I certainly don't think it is an original. But that is not to say its not years old.

Yes, to be clear this is the same battery that has gone flat 3 times. I have yet to replace it.

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Often, cars only get Ford-branded (maybe Motorcraft) batteries when they are brand new, so, if it isn't saying 'Ford' or 'Motorcraft' on the side, then it is aftermarket. It is slightly weaker evidence if it does say, eg, Motorcraft on the side, because someone could have bought a replacement from a Ford dealer. Unusual, but it does happen... (and, I'd say, Ford's own batteries may be better value than, say, Halfords, because the Ford ones do last reasonably well, and, for my last car, they were about the same price...).

The probability is indeed that a 14 year old car will have had at least one replacement battery - I've heard of 8 or 9 years on one battery - which I still think is exceptional - but 14 is a bit unlikely, unless there are some exceptional conditions.

Note that replacing a battery is one of the easier jobs on a car, with the exception of one fact - batteries are a bit heavier than you'd like for easy manoeuvring, so take that into account.

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