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Fitting a spoiler to an MK4 Fiesta


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Hi everyone,

I drive an MK4 Fiesta 1999 Zetec and just bought a Zetec S spoiler of eBay that came of an Mk5. I'm going to have to sand, prime and paint it first which I think I can do. My problem however, is that there are 4 fixings on the spoiler but I haven't got a clue how to fit it because it looks like the boot has a double panel.

If I drill 4 holes from the outside of the boot, there is no way for me to put the nuts on from the inside?

Anyone fitted one before?


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they should come with a kit when sold new,Basically what you need is sort of like a wall special plug,you drill the holes,put sealant on the mating face of the spoiler and when you push the bolts into the plugs it grips them and holds them in place, iv got no idea where you can get some from you might have to ask at a body shop.

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Hi guys, I'm here because my son asked me the same question but tried to google an answer first so ended up here.

The way I got around this was to firstly make up a paper template for each side of the spoiler where it touches the body - simply tore a sheet of A4 in half.

I then removed the studs from the spolier fixing holes.

using the tiniest amount of paper glue, I fixed my templates to the back of the spoiler & used the fixing studs to punch holes in the paper.

I then smeared a thin layer of paper glue onto the paper & offered the spoiler up to the bodywork. Paper glue doesn't set straight away so there is a window where you can move the spoiler around for best fit / centralisation etc.

I then slowly removed the spoiler, being careful to ensure the paper remained on the body.

Using a thin drill, I made pilot holes through the paper template, ensuring these also passed through the inner skin.

I used a conical drill bit to cut holes of the correct diameter for the studs to pass through.

On the underside, I used the same conical bit to make holes large enough for a socket to pass through - I enlarged them to 20mm to accept the 20mm semi-blind rubber grommets that I just happened to have left over from rewiring the house many years ago!

I then screwed the studs back into the spoiler, removed the paper template & cleaned off any residue then put a bead of tiger seal onto the back of the spoiler between each set of studs.

Tiger seal is a great adhesive (often used on its own for sticking spoilers) but I also wanted to ensure no water could reach the studs. I then offered the spoiler up to the car and fixed the self-locking nuts to the underside, adding a large washer to each stud first to minimise stresses, finishing off the job with the grommets on the inside and ensuring any excess tiger seal was wiped off using a wet rag.

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