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Whistling Under Acceleration


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Hi all.

2002 2.0 130

Just recently have started to hear a noticeable whistle on acceleration.

I imagine this is turbo related but have no idea where to start.

No other symptoms and no increase in smoke - so am stumped.

Any advice appreciated.

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Its probably a loose or damaged boost pipe bewteen the turbo and manifold. But could also be a gasket for the EGR etc. Can you get someone else to rev it while you listen under the bonnet to try and pinpoint the area the noise is coming from?

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Will be turbo intercooler hose from egr area to intercooler, remove engine cover if you have one and look down at rubber hose in left side of engine as you look at it, put your hand on it and feel for a split in pipe/ oil leak. About 2ins down pipe normally

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