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Bluetooth Module Software Update

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Hi all,

Well with copious amounts of help from articles and users on this forum, I have finally taken the plunge and upgraded my bluetooth and USB module!

For those interested I have upgraded the old module with the following:

- bluetooth Module 8M5T-19C112-AR (£110 eBay)

- USB Lead 1679985 (£10.77 Ford)

- USB Port 1543450 (£4.43 Ford) - however I have discovered this morning that this is incorrect and I need to change this for USB Port 1717183!

Now touch wood everything seems to be working ok, however I believe that some of the Converse capabilities related to changing the module are only 90% and that I probably need an audio update as referenced in some of the other USB related posts on this forum...

Unfortunately I have no idea where to find this audio update - from what others have said it seems to be that it is available as a download from the Ford website and then downloadable to the car from a USB stick?

Could someone kindly point me in the right direction!

Once again thank you for all of the help that has got me to this point - it is greatly appreciated :-D



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Only thing it added for me was proper support for the iPhone (rather than having to plug the audio in separately)

Unzip it to a USB stick and plug in - turn on car (but don't start engine and it should say that it is updating - takes quite a while 10-15 mins.

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Brilliant thanks nbuuifx :-) I will give it a go and report back!

On a separate note, I have connected my iPod to the car via bluetooth and it is working great - however when I manually connect either mine or my girlfriends to the USB it connects, but will not play (it shows the songs and lets you scroll through them and select them on Converse and Stereo - just no sound).

Aside from this the iPods show on their screens as connected to Ford audio - but will not let you control them from the iPod when connected?

Any help greatly appreciated :-)



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Yes that was the issue before, you had to plug a 3.5mm jack lead from your headphone socket to the aux in, in the car. You could control the ipod/iphone because it was plugged in by USB but it needed the second lead to get the audio.

Some argue that the old way was better as the ipod/iphone has a better audio processor than the bluetooth module so you got better audio using a separate audio lead.

The above update will make it so your ipod/iphone will work when just plugged in by USB.

I prefer the newer way as it is just easier - I can't really notice any degradation with the audio. To be honest though since upgrading the module I put all my music on a usb pen drive and have never normally play any music via bluetooth or from my phone. The only occasion I have had is when using satnav on my phone, that way the music plays from my phone and the audio cuts the music nicely and gives directions through the car Speakers.

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Hi nbuuifx,

I have been quite busy with work this week, so I didn't get a chance to try the audio update you provided until yesterday and I'm pleased to say that it worked a treat! So thank you for that it is much appreciated! I have now finished everything off by cutting a small hole in the glovebox and fitting the USB port and replacing the glovebox :-)

So thanks again to all those out there who have posted information on how to do this USB upgrade :-)



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