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Powershift Gearing

Retired Dave

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Hi All,

I am considering the purchase of a new 2015 Mondeo and would like to move back to automatic transmission. Given that I wish also to have a diesel version the only choice is the Powershift gearbox. I notice that despite the usual marketing stuff about how efficient dual clutch gearboxes are, the quoted mpg figures are much worse than the manual. The worse aspect being the poor extra urban figure.

Once both manual and Powershift are in 6th gear doing 70mph on the motorway, I didn't expect that much difference. The quoted figs for the 2.0L diesel engine are 70.6 for the manual and 64.2 for the Powershift. I asked FORD this question "what revs is each doing at 70 mph in 6th gear?????"

and got the overall gearing as an answer.

6th gear Manual overall gearing - 2.043

6th gear Powershift overall gearing - 2.196

Does this mean that the Manual is doing less revs at say 70 mph than the Powershift version? If so how much?

I don't expect anybody knows for the new car yet - BUT does anyone have an idea of the outgoing Mondeo manual against Powershift with regard to this question?

All thoughts greatly received.

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Thanks Mark - nice looking car. The Bluefin shouldn't alter the gearing so I guess that is 1750 rpm at 70 for the 2.2 manual. The 2.2 automatic was a standard auto not a dual clutch Powershift and probably better for it.

In the new model they are not offering a 2.2 diesel or a Sport model - only a sports suspension option though there is a Vignale to come. This suits me as my wife hates the firmer ride anyway. I currently drive a 2007 Honda Accord Tourer 2.2 diesel manual and even the lower profile 17 inch wheels I have (16 was standard) offend her - even on the motorway!! She much preferred the Mondeo 2.0 TDCi Ghia X on 17's that I had before that.

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No I think you are right Mark. I was keen to move back to automatic but might have to consider the manual option.

Even Honda have finally moved into the 21st century with a new 9 speed auto box soon to be in the CRV and probably the Civic. They are stopping the Accord and there will not be a new one.

Jaguar/Land Rover have an 8 speed auto soon to be 9 speed. BMW also have a 8 speed going to 9 speed on the way. VW have a 10 speed dual clutch in the planning - BUT Ford????

Thanks again

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  • 1 month later...

Thanks for the comments guys - much as I thought.

If I want the NEW Mondeo with an auto box the only choices are

1.5 EcoBoost Petrol (160 PS) -- traditional 6 speed auto

2.0 EcoBoost Petrol (240 PS) - traditional 6 speed auto

2.0 TDCi Diesel (150PS) - Powershift 6 speed dual-clutch auto

2.0 TDCi Diesel (180 PS) - Powershift 6 speed dual-clutch auto

The 240 PS probably a bit fuel thirsty (quoted combined 38.7). I am still a bit dubious of a 1.5 petrol engine delivering 160 PS without affecting the longevity? If I want diesel it has be Powershift.

Not a great choice really.

Thanks again.


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