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Side Light Wire Colour - Quick Reply Needed Please


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The parts for my next mod have arrived and I will be fitting DRL's to the mondeo very shortly

But first I need to know the colour of the sidights that are in my headlights so that I can splice the relay into them.

Quick reply would be really appreciated as the sooner I know the colour the sooner I can do the mod :)

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Sidelight yellow and blue

Main beam grey and brown

Dip beam brown and blue

Headlight levelling black and yellow


Sidelight brown and yellow

Main beam Violet and orange

Dip beam blue and green

Headlight levelling black and Violet

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Much obliged

I was attempting to wire in my drl's

Got a relay to dim them 50% when side lights come on

Connected all up as per instructions, earthed the relay to suitable bolt in engine bay, connected live to the battery, wired on the drl strips and spliced a wire into the side light feed

There is a minor delay on turning ignition on before the drl's light up, very bright, on turning the side lights on they dim 50% but also flicker very rapidly which obviously is not right and could easily trigger an epilepsy attack

So tomorrow I will try splicing into the dip beam feed instead see if that solves the flickering

If it doesnt then I am at a loss as to what to do

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Just as I thought, turns out the relay needed tapping into the dipped beam feed not the side lights. Quickly rectified and now the drls are fitted and up n running

Have a mooch in my build thread for the results

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