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Alarm Service And Random Wire


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hi i have just purchased a mondeo estate mk4 2007

i have a message come on the screen when i turn the ignition on that says: alarm system service required, i have read numerous articles but with no luck. I followed the instructions to reset it and found that the lights flashed but with no actual alarm sound and the message still appearing afterwards. i then went and checked the RB2 – Anti-theft alarm horn relay in the rear fuse box but i didnt actually have that set of fuses in there. i then went and checked the battery backup sounder(alarm system),obd II (board computer diagnostics), in the central fuse box, the fuse was fine.

i also found these two pictures



but am not sure which one i should be looking for and if a replacement part can be found after no luck on eBay.

i dont really want to take it to ford and pay there prices if i can do it myself so any help would be greatful

i also found this wire in the passenger footwell that i have no idea where it has come from and even if it should be left like that

many thanks




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oh aha yes!! lol

yes number 5

theres 2 types, with or without tilt sensor

would recommend someone with a gem module code reader to check for dtcs, may narrow down whats at fault, normally if its the alarm sounder then you get a lin bus error code

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I had that error on my car after I tinkered with it and set an extra alarm setting that didn't work.... I reset it and it was all fine, but if that's not the error then yeah the battery backed is the usual culprit.

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