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Car Unlocking Itself?


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Something quite worrying has just happened..

Popped out with the Missus round to her old dears house, parked up, got out, locked the car n went inside. Was in there about half an hour.

On walking back to the car I saw that the footwell lights was on, opened the door to find that it was already unlocked

Told myself maybe I didnt lock it properly when I got out. Pulled off, autolocking locked the doors n drove home

Parked up in my space, then on turning the ignition off, the car automatically unlocked itself, the timing was probably a coincidence but the point is it unlocked itself.

Very concerned sat thinking what could be wrong and thought I'll be putting my wheel lock on tonight, opened the door n on climbing out, the doors unlocked themselves again (while already open)

Can anyone advise on this asap?

Thinking maybe its nothing n the key fob in my pocket could of been in a funny position n accidentally pressed itself, but to do it 3 times (that I know of) in a period of time is obviously highly worrying

Could it be the battery in the fob on the way out?

Or could it be something more serious and underlying

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check the fuses in the rear box mate, it could be one of the door fuses has gone. I removed the rear offside fuse and put it back in the wrong slot, tried to lock the car and had the same issue.

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